Hotel Facts

Hotel Conrad- several houses from different ages

Hotel Conrad consists of three houses of different styles, as they are from different ages; the 70s, the 80s and a protected turn-of-the-century house. They are called “röda” (the red), “gula” (the yellow) and “kulturhuset” (the culture house). The houses have been renovated several times in different styles.


The Red House

The main entrance and reception are situated in the Red House, built in 1971. The rooms are warm and cozy, with solid cherry wood furniture, and some of the textile come from Designer’s Guild.
The entire 1st floor where the reception, breakfast room, and kitchen is situated was totally refurbished in 2015. In the same time the hotel was upgraded to 4 stars.

The Yellow House

The Yellow House was built in the 80s and 2011 underwent an extensive renovation. The local decorators from  “The home company” did the decor, and the house received a trendy new atmosphere. We are now very proud of this house. In the basement we have two saunas. Take your time to relax and enjoy your stay at Hotel Conrad!

The Culture House

The culture house is an old city court yard from the late 18th century, and was occupied by Cyrillus Reiig, who was one of the city’s builders of the time. The house is protected for its cultural value. This is a good thing, since grandfather Conrad would have been glad to tear it down had things been different. The culture house contains our suites, which are warmly decorated in a classic style genuine wooden furniture and good quality textiles.

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